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VIGH Student Advisory Council

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Who We Are

Advisors: Marie Martin and Charlotte Buehler 

Case Competition Committee Co-Chairs: Angie Boehmer and Jessica Hinshaw 

Global Health Alliance Committee Chair: Nikita Thomas and Maria Ramos

2015-2016 Members

Arts and Science

  • Jelena Belenzada 
  • HannahSofia Brown
  • Sarah Crotty
  • Mary Virginia Harper
  • Paige Kelley
  • Aiden Lee
  • Sirui Ma
  • Lausanne Miller
  • Navya Nadimpalli
  • Virginia Norder
  • Xueting Zhang

Graduate School

  • Grace Fletcher
  • JiaCheng Yan

Peabody College

  • Christina Alexander
  • Sarah Jurgensmeyer
  • Claire Kelsey

School of Engineering

  • Sparsh Gupta

School of Medicine

  • Mary Bayham
  • Emily Buttigieg
  • Erin Graves

School of Nursing

  •  Jennifer Neczypor