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Classroom Assistants

Members of the Classroom Assistance Committee provide a welcoming and professional presence by assisting instructors and members to facilitate a positive OLLI experience.  Click here for the Roles and Responsibilities of a Classroom Assistant.  If you are interested in becoming a Classroom Assistant, email

Fall 2018

Music That Shapes You

Bill Gish; Mildred Tilley; Fran Silberg


Our Righteous Minds

Bonnie Bentley-Fekel; Ophelia Paine; Kathleen Pidruzny; Fran Silberg


What if Alice was a Refugee in Wonderland?

Delilah Cohn; Rosemary Bane; Vickie Ziegler; Fran Silberg


Election 2018 - The Midterms

Sharon Charney; Sue Chilton


Life on Mars

Lisa Otten; Fran Silberg; Arleen Yeager; John Yeager


Fantasies of Modern Russian Culture

Dede Clements; Martye Jeffords


Henry Kissinger & American Power

Betty Childress; David Childress; Glenna Orr


American Gun Culture

Susan Gish; Mary Raffety


Medical Sampler

Alice Fitzgibbon, Michael Gearheart; Patty Gearheart; Fran Silberg; Dianne Wild