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Singing in the Saddle
The History of the Singing Cowboy

Author(s): Douglas B. Green

A singing cowboy himself, Douglas B. Green (better known as Ranger Doug from the Grammy-award-winning group Riders In The Sky) is uniquely suited to write the story of the singing cowboy. He has been collecting information and interviews on western music, films, and performers for nearly thirty years. In this volume, he traces this history from the early days of vaudeville and radio, through the heyday of movie westerns before World War II, to the current revival.

Biography of Author(s)

Douglas B. Green is a music historian and performer. As Ranger Doug (the Idol of American Youth), he founded Riders in The Sky, the premier western group of the modern era.


  • A lively account of the singing cowboy as both a show-business phenomenon and an icon of American popular culture.
    Los Angeles Times Book Review