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Group Study Sessions

A Group Study Session for Chemistry 1601 Fall 2017Tutoring Services is pleased to announce that group study sessions will continue in Spring 2018. We realize our tutors' availability for one-on-one sessions is limited, but these group study sessions offer an excellent opportunity to study and learn collaboratively alongside your peers. While students work together in small groups to prepare for their final exams, one or more of our tutors will be on hand as a resource for everyone who is participating.

Registration: Spaces are limited and registration is required. The available spaces vary from session to session.

Reserving a spot is easy! Select "Schedule and Appointment" to log into our online scheduler. Then look for “A Group Study Session for [SUBJECT AND COURSE NUMBER]" on the date listed below. Registration for each session will open in the online scheduler system 15 days prior to the listed group study session date.

Location: All group study sessions will take place in the Collaborative Learning Suite (1801 Edgehill Ave., Suite 112). 



Group Study Sessions for Chem 1602

Session for Exam 1: Sunday, January 28, 7-9pm.

Session for Exam 2: Wednesday, February 28, 7-9pm

Session for Exam 3: Monday, April 2, 7-9pm

Interested in a group study session for a class you don't see listed here?
Let us know! Email us--we'd love to consider it:
More sessions will be announced as they are scheduled.

A Group Study Session for Biological Sciences 1510 Fall 2017