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Meet Our Tutors

Vanderbilt Tutoring Services Tutors 2017-2018

Alan TangAlan Tang

Alan is a senior from Amherst, Massachusetts, in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Economics and on the Pre-Med Track. He is pursuing a medical career, specifically in neurosurgery, in which he can combine his interests in research, economics, and active clinical care. Outside of school, Alan is an avid sports fan, and enjoys reading and boating. 

Alex PulliamAlex Pulliam

Alex Pulliam is a senior majoring in chemistry and minoring in English on the pre-med track. She tutors general, organic, and analytical chemistry along with chemical thermodynamics for Vanderbilt Tutoring Services, and has been tutoring independently for five years. She also volunteers to teach middle and high school science camps over Skype in her hometown. She enjoys tutoring and teaching because she loves imparting knowledge in a fun, engaging way and wants to pass on her love of STEM. In her spare time, Alex enjoys horseback riding and is currently training her own horse.

Alice Li

Alice is a junior majoring in neuroscience and minoring in piano performance. She tutors in biology, chemistry, and physics.

Anthony ContrerasAnthony Contreras

Anthony is a first year Ph.D. student studying French Literature. He tutors in French. 

Archit Potharazu

Archit is a junior who tutors chemistry and organic chemistry, as well as biological sciences and physics.  

Ashley DavisAshley Davis

Ashley is a junior double majoring in mathematics and secondary education, which will certify her to teach math in middle and high school settings. She is interested in alleviating the lack of equity in education, particularly for low-income students of color, which is reflected by her involvement in organizations on campus such as Peabody Bridges and Vanderbilt Afterschool Program. She is from the south side of Chicago and plans to move back home at some point in the future. She has a passion for dogs, traveling, and hole-in-the-wall restaurants.

Brandon Martin

Brandon is a junior who tutors physics and math.

Dan Tong

Dan is a junior majoring in chemistry and minoring in anthropology. He tutors in general and organic chemistry.

Hanna Roenfanz

Hanna Roenfanz is a senior majoring in chemistry and Spanish. She tutors in general, organic, and analytical chemistry.

John Terrell

John is currently a second year graduate student in the Chemistry department working under Dr. Carmelo Rizzo with a focus in organic synthesis and biochemistry. He obtained his Bachelors of Science in chemistry from UNC Asheville in 4 years, where he performed research purely in organic synthesis under Dr. Amanda Wolfe. As a tutor, John helps with both General and Organic Chemistry at any level Sundays from 3-6 pm and Tuesdays from 4-7 pm.

Gracie Rule

Gracie Rule is a sophomore majoring in Human and Organizational Development and Public Policy Studies. She tutors in chemistry, biology, and mathematics.

Kathryn Segner

Kathryn is junior who tutors chemistry, math, and physics.

Katie Williamson

Katie is a senior who tutors math and economics.

Lanlan Liu

Lanlan Liu is a junior majoring in mathematics and minoring in German and computer science. She tutors in mathematics.  

Michael Wang

Michael is a junior who tutors in biological sciences, chemistry, and neuroscience. 

Olivia Becker

Olivia Becker is a junior majoring/minoring in Spanish and art history. She tutors in biology, general chemistry, and calculus.

Saquib RahmanSaquib Rahman

Saquib is a senior majoring in Chemistry and minoring in French. He tutors in Chemistry (General and Organic), Physics, and French. An international student from Bangladesh, Saquib is a Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholar and an undergraduate researcher in the group of Professor Timothy Hanusa, working on the chemistry of organometallic compounds. He loves playing ping pong, watching cricket, soccer and tennis, and picking up words in a foreign language as often as he can. 

Sharon SiSharon Si

Sharon is a senior from Winchester, Massachusetts majoring in economics and mathematics with a minor in art history. In addition to working at Tutoring Services, she plays the flute with the Vanderbilt Commodore Orchestra and is a member of the Kefi Collective. In her free time, Sharon enjoys reading, photography, and going to museums. She spent the past semester studying in Edinburgh and is excited to be back on campus to finish up her last year here at Vanderbilt.

Shatakshi Gupta

Shatakshi is a graduate student studying Economics who tutors economics and math.Image of Shataski Gupta


XJ is a junior majoring in physics and working at Vanderbilt's Center for Molecular and Atomic Studies at Surfaces (CMASS). On the side, he is copping minors in geology, scientific computing, and mathematics. XJ tutors in physics and mathematics. He has a natural affinity for producing spare time to climb and chill and have a good time.  


Vanderbilt Tutoring Services Clerks 2017-2018

Claire Sharpe

Ellie Smith

Laci Baker