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Drop-in STEM tutoring

At Tutoring Services, we know that the 50-minute appointments you can schedule with our tutors fill up fast. We encourage all students to get to know the available drop-in support services available on campus, as well.

The following free, drop-in tutoring help sessions are open to all students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Courses. This drop-in tutoring service is made possible by t he National Science Foundation, VU School of Engineering, & VU College of Arts and Science.

Fall 2017 Dates, Hours & Locations

Dates: September 11th through November 30th *excluding breaks*

Hours:  7:00-9:00 PM Sunday-Thursday


Featheringill Hall 132

Courses covered: BME 2200, CE 2205, CHBE 2100, CHEM 2221, CS 1101, CS 1103, CS 2201, EECE 2112, EECE 2116, EECE 2213, PHYS 1601/1602, MATH 2200, MATH 2300, MATH 2400, MATH 2420

Commons Center 215/216

CHEM 1601, PHYS 1601, BSCI 1510, MATH 1100, MATH 1200/1201, MATH 1300/1301



If you have questions about the STEM tutoring program, please contact VUSE Assistant Dean Burgess Mitchell at or (615) 343-8061.