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Funding Opportunities and Pathways


Proposal Development & Submission


Award Negotiation & Acceptance


Account Setup & Modifications


Award Management


Award Closeout


Account Setup & Modifications

After a sponsored program award has been fully executed, a project number must be requested and is then assigned in Vanderbilt's SkyVU system, which allows expenses to be posted to the project account throughout the life of the project. 

Throughout the project period, there may be additional award actions that occur including issuing subawards and modifications such as time extensions or additional funding. These responsibilities are handled by and through the department and OCGA.

More Information


Center Number Establishment

Beginning December 1, 2017, a new process for requesting project numbers in the new SkyVU will begin.  For more information click here.


Budget Revisions

The General Ledger will be frozen starting December 1, 2017 and no changes can be made through Center Management or with paper forms.  More information will be available on the SkyVU website.