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ATTENTION: The women's locker room will be closed on Thursday, May 24 from 8-11 a.m. 

Nutrition for Peak Performance

Wondering what to eat before a competition that lasts all day? Do you want to know how to recover faster after a tough workout? Schedule a presentation for your club sports team with a registered dietitian to learn about fueling cutting edge athletic performance through nutrition.

The Rec provides team presentations based on your group’s needs, interests, and schedule. We can tailor messages to what your group is most interested in. Topics can highlight the following:

  • Pre and post workout foods
  • Healthier snack ideas
  • Eating on the road
  • Supplement use
  • Maximizing calories on a campus meal plan

Please contact Marilyn Holmes to schedule a team presentation. 

If you are interested in meeting one-on-one with a Registered Dietitian for an individualized nutrition plan, check out Personalized Nutrition Coaching