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Min Kyung "Clair" Hong

Graduate Student
Research Area: Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience

I graduated from Duke University with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Economics in 2015. During my time at Duke, I worked with Dr. David Rubin and Dr. Roberto Cabeaza on various memory studies such as examining neural correlates of involuntary memory in patients with PTSD. Currently, I am a second year graduate student at Vanderbilt University, and my journey for memory research continues with Dr. Lisa Fazio and Dr. Sean Polyn.  My research interest lies in examining ways to improve encoding of new information. In particular, I'm interested in identifying the cognitive process underlying retrieval practice through behvaioral experiments and computational modeling. 

Lab Website

Representative Publications

Hong, M., Polyn, S .M., Fazio, L. K. (2016, Nov.). Effects of retrieval cues on episodic and semantic retrieval practice. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the Psychonomic Society, Boston, MA.

Hong, M., Yeo, D. J., Rittle-Johnson, B., Fazio, L. K. (2016). Are there hidden costs to teaching mathematics with incorrect examples? In A. Papafragou, D. Grodner, J. Trueswell, & D. Mirman (Eds.) Proceedings of the 38th Annual Cognitive Science Society (pp. 265 – 270). Philadelphia, PA: Cognitive Science Society.

Hall, S. A, Li, D., Sharif-Askary, B., Kragel, P. A., Hong, M., Zhu, K., Cabeza,R., Rubin, D. C., Berntsen, D., Common and Distinct Neural Networks underlying Voluntary and Involuntary Episodic Memory Retrieval, Poster presented at 2015 Cognitive Neuroscience Soceity; 2015 Mar 28-31; San Francisco, CA.