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Katy Korelitz

Graduate Student
Research Area: Clinical Science

My primary research interest centers on parenting in at-risk populations. I am specifically interested in (a) methodological issues in the assessment of parenting skills (b) parent-child agreement about parents' behavior, and (c) determinants of parenting and the effects of parenting on children’s development, especially within psychiatric populations.

Representative Publications

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Korelitz, K. E., & Garber, J. (2016). Congruence of parents’ and children’s perceptions of parenting: A meta-analysis. Journal of Youth and Adolescence45(10), 1973-1995.

Mueller, SC, Daniele, T, Macintyre, J, Korelitz, K, Carlisi, C, Hardin, MG, Van Ryzin, C, Merke, DP, & Ernst, M. (2013). Incentive processing in Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH): A reward-based antisaccade study. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 38, 716-21. 

Garber, J, Korelitz, K, & Samanez-Larkin, S. (2012). Translating basic psychopathology research to preventive interventions: A tribute to John RZ Abela. Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, 41, 666-81. 

Mueller, SC, Hardin, MG, Korelitz, K, Daniele, T, Bemis, J, Dozier, M, Peloso, E, Maheu, FS, Pine, DS, & Ernst, M. (2012). Incentive effect on inhibitory control in adolescents with early-life stress: An antisaccade study. Child Abuse and Neglect, 36, 217-25.

Blair, KS, Geraci, M, Korelitz, KE, Otero, M, Towbin, K, Ernst, M, Leibenluft, E, Blair, RJR, & Pine, DS. (2011). The pathology of social phobia is independent of developmental changes in face processing. American Journal of Psychiatry, 168, 1202-9.

Pérez-Edgar, K, McDermott, JM, Henderson, HA, Korelitz, KE, Degnan, K, Curby, T, Pine, DS, & Fox, NA. (2010). Patterns of selective attention in infancy shape the developmental trajectory of social behavior from toddlerhood through adolescence. Developmental Psychology, 46, 1723-30.

Ernst, M, Luckenbaugh, DA, Moolchan, ET, Temple, VA, Jenness, J, Korelitz, KE, London, E, & Kimes, A. (2010). Decision-making and facial emotion recognition as predictors of substance-use initiation among adolescents. Addictive Behaviors, 35, 286-9.

Ernst, M, & Korelitz, KE. (2009). Maturation cérébrale à l'adolescence: vulnérabilité comportementale [Brain maturation during adolescence: behavioral vulnerability]. Encephale, 35, Suppl 6:S182-9. 

Conference Presentations

Korelitz, K, Apostoluk, L, Beyer, J, Curhan, A, Hart, E, Sova, K, Yu, Q, & Garber, J. (2015, November). Meta-analysis of mother-child agreement and discrepancy on reports of maternal acceptance: Child psychopathology as a moderator. Poster to be presented at the ABCT 48th Annual Convention, Chicago, IL.

Korelitz, K, Apostoluk, L, Beyer, J, Curhan, A, Yu, Q, & Garber, J. (2015, March). Mother-child agreement on reports of maternal acceptance: A meta-analysis. Poster presented at the 2015 Biennial SRCD Meeting, Philadelphia, PA.

Korelitz, K, Garber, J, Velez, M, McCauley, E, Diamond, G, & Schloredt, K. (2013, November). Discrepancies between parents’ and children’s reports about parenting and conflict: Relation to attachment and parental depression. Poster presented at the ABCT 47th Annual Convention, Nashville, TN.

Barnhart, N, Hunt-Hawkins, H, Kelly, M, Korelitz, K, Youssef, A, & Garber, J. (2013, August). Demographic and Psychological Correlates of Parental Psychopathology. Poster presented at the 121st Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association, Honolulu, HI.

Kelly, M, Barnhart, N, Hunt-Hawkins, H, Korelitz, K, Evans, L, Youssef, A, & Garber, J. (2013, May). Factors associated with seeking treatment for parents with psychiatric problems. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the Midwestern Psychological Association, Chicago, IL.

Korelitz, K, Garber, J, McCauley, E, Diamond, G, & Schloredt, K. (2013, April). Relations among symptom severity, coping, and parenting in depressed and non-depressed parents. Poster presented at the 2013 Biennial SRCD Meeting, Seattle, WA.

Herrington, CG, Frankel, SA, Abernathy, ET, Bauman, JM, Hunt, HM, Korelitz, K, & Garber, J. (2013, April). Metacognitive development and learning cognitive behavioral therapy skills for depression in children and adolescents. Poster presented at the 2013 Biennial SRCD Meeting, Seattle, WA.

Evans, LD, Samanez-Larkin, SP, Korelitz, K, Hunt, HM, Frazer, A, & Garber, J. (2013, April). Relations among working memory, cognitive flexibility, coping, and depression in children and adolescents. Poster presented at the 2013 Biennial SRCD Meeting, Seattle, WA.

Korelitz, K, Garber, J, Frankel, S, McCauley, E, Diamond, G, & Schloredt, K. (2012, November). Correlates and predictors of positive parenting in depressed parents: Coping skills and social adjustment. Poster presented at the ABCT 46th Annual Convention, National Harbor, MD.