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Emily B. Conder

Graduate Student
Research Area: Developmental Science

I am currently interested in 1) How others' testimony influences children’s attitudes toward novel social groups, and 2) The influence of knowledge about extenuating circumstances on subsequent judgments of a violator’s guilt.

Lab Website

Representative Publications

Conder, E.B., & Lane, J.D. (October, 2017). How informants’ qualities influence children’s
evaluation of novel social groups. Presented at the Cognitive Development Society Biennial
Conference in Portland, Oregon.

Lane, J. D., Conder, E.B., & Rottman, J. (April, 2017). Effects of direct and overheard testimony on children’s evaluations of novel social groups. In Rottman, J. (Chair), Words Can Hurt: Dangers of Testimony in Leading Children to Negatively Evaluate Others. Presented at the meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, Austin.