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2016 Research Scholar Grants Projects

The 27 projects that won funding from the Research Scholar Grants program in 2016 are listed below. 

  • The Sound of Africa in the Caribbean: Tambu Drumming in the Netherlands Antilles (Aruba) - Gregory Barz (Blair School of Music)
  • Retention of Minority Students in Secondary Music Programs - Tucker Biddlecombe (Blair School of Music)
  • The Blakemore Trio Records Music of Adam Schoenberg - Carolyn Huebl (Blair School of Music)
  • Oriental by Design: Ottoman Jews and the Stuff of Empire - Julia Philips Cohen (Jewish Studies)
  • Land Tenure at the Ancient Maya Capital of Tamarindito, Guatemala - Markus Eberl (Anthropology)
  • Tiwanaku Stone Sculptures: Research in European Collections and Institutes - John Wayne Janusek (Anthropology)
  • Research and Development of a Program in Cultural Heritage at Vanderbilt University - Mireille Lee (History of Art)
  • Mannered Monks and Model Kings: Worldly Buddhists in Early Modern Tibet - Nancy Lin (Religious Studies)
  • Problematizing Health and Compliance in a Veteran Treatment Court - Kenneth MacLeish (Medicine, Health & Society)
  • American Modernism at Mid-Century: The Work of Morris Davidson, Painter and Educator - Kevin Murphy (History of Art)
  • Immersive Video Games for Learning Medieval Language and Culture: Theory and Practice - Lynn Tarte Ramey (French & Italian)
  • Alaskan Film Project - Jonathan Rattner (Cinema and Media Arts)
  • A New History of Human 'Guinea Pigs': Creating the Postwar Market for Human Subjects - Laura Stark (Medicine, Health & Society)
  • Identifying the Childhood Homelands of the Enslaved Community at the Grassmere Plantation, Nashville: A Bioarchaeological and Isotopic Approach - Tiffany Tung (Anthropology)
  • Negotiating Traditions: Lois Mailou Jones, Africa and the Composite Aesthetics of Blackness - Rebecca Kegan VanDiver (History of Art)
  • Rusted Stories - Melvin Ziegler (Art)
  • An Epistemic Theory of Argument - Scott Aikin (Philosophy)
  • Public Bodies/Health Spaces - Mozhdeh Amelia Hamraie (Medicine, Health & Society)
  • Kidney Exchange with Immunosuppressants - Eun Jeong Heo (Economics)
  • Itinerant Preachers and Non-Sectarian Spaces: A Reassessment of Buddhism in Ancient Japan - Bryan Lowe (Religious Studies)
  • Agency vs. Structure: Investigating the Political Donations of Corporate Directors and Political Action Committees, 1980-2014 - Joshua Murray (Sociology)
  • From 'La trata de blancas' ['The White Slave Trade'] to 'Enslaved' Immigrants: Race, Representation and Prostitution in Spain - Neica Michelle Murray (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • A Spectral Dialectic: The Ontology of Telepresence Technololgy - Haerin Shin (English)
  • New Forms of Home, New Forms of Work: Changes in the Organization of Aging - LaTonya Trotter (Sociology)
  • The Library of Eden: A History of Syriac Monastic Readers - David Michelson (Divinity School)
  • An Empirical Study of Federal Class Action Settlements, 2005-2015 - Brian Fitzpatrick (Law School)
  • Derivation of Multilevel Reliability Measures for Complex Multilevel Designs - Sun-Joo Cho (Peabody College)