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2011 Research Scholar Grants Projects

The 23 projects that won funding from the Research Scholar Grants program in 2011 are listed below. 

  • Old Music, New Instrument: The Influences of Historically Informed Performance - Jared Hauser (Blair School of Music)
  • The American Horn Trio: The Commissioning and Recording of 21st Century Works for Horn, Violin and Piano - Leslie Norton (Blair School of Music)
  • British Studies Digital Archives Project - James Epstein (History)
  • Souvenir Yugoslavia Tourism Representation as a National Identity  - Vesna Pavlovic (Art)
  • Documenting Avukah: Language Theory, Policy and Zionism - Bob Barsky (French & Italian)
  • Spanish Theater: Text and Performance - Ed Friedman (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • God's Problems: Revelations, Strange Providence and the Religious "Other" in Enlightenment England - Paul Lim (Divinity School)
  • Diabetes Types: Cultural History of a Chronic Disease - Arleen Tuchman (History)
  • The Epistemology of Extremism - Robert Talisse (Philosophy)
  • Advertising the Romantic Book: John Murray and the Profession of Letters - Dahlia Porter (English)
  • In the Caliphate's Shadow: Hausa-Fulani Sub-Colonialism in the Nigerian Middle Belt - Moses Ochuno (History)
  • The Body, Dress and Identity in Early Greece - Mireille Lee (History of Art)
  • Arnold Schoenberg's A Survivor from Warsawin Postwar Europe: The Czech Case Study, 1960-1968 - Joy Calico (Blair School of Music)
  • Dark Finance: Wall Street and the West Indies, 1873-1933 - Peter Hudson (History)
  • (Anti)Blackness Matters in Contemporary France - Trica Keaton (African American & Diaspora Studies)
  • Review of the Uncatalogued Papers of Oscar Hammerstein 2nd at the Library of Congress - James Lovensheimer (Blair School of Music)
  • Kenchreai Excavations 2011: Understanding Life and Death at a Port in Roman Greece - Joseph Rife (Classical Studies)
  • Power, Ethnicity and Honorific Address among the Highland Maya - Sergio Romero (Anthropology)
  • Study and Reproduction of Previously Inaccessible Documents, from 1650-1820, of the Bohra Muslim Community in Western India - Samira Sheikh (History)
  • A Medical Ethnomusicology Study of Popular Music as HIV/AIDS Intervention Among Youth in Lesotho (Southern Africa) -  Greg Barz (Blair School of Music)
  • Documenting the Descendants of the Panama Canal Builders through Film - Ifeoma Nwankwo (English)
  • Becoming Ottomans: Sephardi Jews and Imperial Belonging - Julia Phillips Cohen (Jewish Studies)
  • On the Limits of Christian Ethics - Ted Smith (Divinity School)