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University Courses Committee, Cycle 2018

  • John Geer (chair), Vice Provost for Academic and Strategic Affairs
  • Cynthia Cyrus (ex-officio), Vice Provost for Learning and Residential Affairs
  • Annalisa Azzoni, Senior Lecturer in Hebrew Bible
  • Jennifer Escalas, Associate Professor of Marketing
  • Jen Gunderman, Assistant Professor of Musicology
  • Jane Landers, Gertrude Conaway Vanderbilt Chair of History
  • Daniel Levin, Professor of Psychology and Human Development
  • David Miller, Professor of Cell and Development Biology
  • Doug Schmidt,  Cornelius Vanderbilt Chair of Computer Science
  • Mavis Schorn, Professor of Nursing
  • Kevin Stack, Lee S. and Charles A. Speir Chair in Law

Multicultural Courses Committee, Cycle 2018

  • Ifeoma Nwankwo (chair), Associate Provost for Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships
  • Terri Crutcher, Assistant Professor of Clinical Nursing
  • Jaco Hamman, Associate Professor of Religion, Psychology and Culture
  • Moses Ochonu, Cornelius Vanderbilt Chair of History
  • William Robinson, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering
  • Daniel Sharfstein, Tarkington Chair in Teaching Excellence (Law)
  • Lucy Spalluto, Assistant Professor of Radiology and Radiological Sciences