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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, inclusion and community engagement are essential cornerstones of Vanderbilt’s commitment to equity and trans-institutional discovery and learning. Whether it involves solving societal problems or discovering new and disruptive technologies that fundamentally shift our human endeavor, the diversity of thought that we seek demands that we engage faculty and students from a broad array of backgrounds and experiences.

Annual Report

Beginning in 2016, an annual report focused on equity, diversity and inclusivity has been produced by the Office of the Provost. Each year, this report highlights many of the efforts produced across Academic Affairs. While not an exhaustive list of all activities, it highlights   the visions and direction embraced across campus in areas reporting to the Provost’s Office.The report focuses on both new and on-going initiatives, administrative changes, committees, approaches and outcomes across all 10 schools and colleges as well as the Academic Affairs administration. 

2015-16 Report

2016-17 Report

Chancellor's Committee on Diversity, Inclusion and Community

2016-17 Report & Recommendations


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