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Athletics Standing Committee


The University Athletics Committee will be responsible for:

  • providing periodic advice and counsel to university leaders on current and emerging policy issues relating to intercollegiate athletics   
  • at the request of university leaders, helping to design and refine specific university policies at the intersection of academic and athletic concerns
  • helping to establish policies, guidelines, and networks to facilitate student-athletes’ recruitment, success, and integration into the university community
  • maintaining an advisory relationship with the university’s official Faculty Athletics Representative
  • serving as an informal voice on athletics issues for university faculty, staff, students, and alumni

Except as specifically requested by university leaders, the committee is not formally responsible for:

  • overseeing or evaluating intercollegiate athletics programs and staff,
  • overseeing or evaluating recreational sports programs and facilities,
  • helping recruit or evaluate prospective student-athletes for the university.

Reports to: Vice Chancellor for Athletics and University Affairs and Director of Athletics

2018-2019 Committee Members

Administrative/Ex Officio Members

  • David Williams, Vice Chancellor for Athletics and University Affairs and Director of Athletics
  • Susan Wente, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs OR Faculty Athletics Representative 

Faculty Members

  • Ann Price, School of Medicine, Chair
  • Gregory Barz, Blair School of Music
  • Jay Clayton, College of Arts & Science
  • Juan Floyd-Thomas, Divinity School
  • Rolanda Johnson, School of Nursing
  • Leslie Kirby, Peabody College
  • Amanda Rose, Law School
  • Laurel Schneider, College of Arts and Science

Undergraduate Students

  • Frances Burton
  • Fernanda Contreras
  • Will Gordon


  • Katherine Anderson, Health Science Education Department
  • Vickie Latham, A&S Dean's Office
  • Michael Pring, VUPD


  • Shan Foster
  • John Stein