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Athletics Standing Committee


The University Athletics Committee will be responsible for:

  • providing periodic advice and counsel to university leaders on current and emerging policy issues relating to intercollegiate athletics   
  • at the request of university leaders, helping to design and refine specific university policies at the intersection of academic and athletic concerns
  • helping to establish policies, guidelines, and networks to facilitate student-athletes’ recruitment, success, and integration into the university community
  • maintaining an advisory relationship with the university’s official Faculty Athletics Representative
  • serving as an informal voice on athletics issues for university faculty, staff, students, and alumni

Except as specifically requested by university leaders, the committee is not formally responsible for:

  • overseeing or evaluating intercollegiate athletics programs and staff,
  • overseeing or evaluating recreational sports programs and facilities,
  • helping recruit or evaluate prospective student-athletes for the university.

Reports to: Vice Chancellor for Athletics and University Affairs and Director of Athletics

2017-2018 Committee Members

Administrative/Ex Officio Members

David Williams, Vice Chancellor for Athletics and University Affairs and Director of Athletics

Susan Wente, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs OR Faculty Athletics Representative 

Faculty Members

Anne Price, School of Medicine, Chair

Gregory Barz, Blair School of Music

Jay Clayton, College of Arts & Science

Rolanda Johnson, School of Nursing

Sal March, Owen Graduate School of Business

Amanda Rose, Law School

Laurel Schneider, College of Arts and Science

Sharon Shields, Peabody College

Undergraduate Students

Navin Balaji

Heather Haynes

Mackenzie Sundin


Katherine Anderson, Health Science Education Department

Kenneth Brown, Department of Economics

Vickie Latham, A&S Dean's Office


John Stein

James Threalkill