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Plant Operations Statistics

Recently, Plant Operations achieved these accomplishments:

  • Employed more than 400 people to serve on the Plant Operations team;
  • Generated 39,151,829 kWh of electricity in the Vanderbilt University Power Plant;
  • Completed the natural gas conversion of the power plant;
  • Retrofitted $8 million worth of lighting, heating, cooling and control systems to improve energy efficiency;
  • Retrofitted the Hawkins Baseball Field for the National Champion Commodore baseball team with all LED lighting resulting in a 60 percent decrease in energy usage while also providing a better illuminated field for night games.
  • Responded to 36,552 work orders;
  • Recycled 8.7 million pounds of materials in 2015, up 13 percent since 2014, and just over triple the volume since 2010;
  • Composted 98 tons of landscape waste;
  • Maintained 113 acres of campus landscape;
  • Serviced 19.2 million square feet of building space;
  • Completed $13,400,000 of renovations;
  • Installed the first solar thermal hot water heating system at the Currey Tennis Center for use by the National Champion Commodore women’s tennis team;
  • Reduced overall greenhouse gas emissions by 18 percent from 2008 and by 30 percent per 1,000 square foot of building space since 2005;
  • Retrofitted 900 showerheads on campus to low-flow, high-performance models saving 28 million gallons of water per year; and
  • Held an energy consumption reduction competition over the holiday break period that included centrally lowering temperatures to 65 degrees in almost all campus buildings and turning off lights in all unoccupied areas. Additional individual behavioral changes were determined by monitoring energy metering. The Commons Center at The Martha Rivers Ingram Commons was the campus winner, with an impressive 31 percent decrease in energy usage during the competition period.