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The Trademark Licensing Office was established to ensure that Vanderbilt's brand identity is properly represented on all goods and services. Our office serves to:

  • Register Vanderbilt trademarks on the state and federal levels;
  • Manage trademark infringements found online, on products and business use;
  • Oversee the use of Vanderbilt's intellectual property by outside companies;
  • Approve Vanderbilt trademarks on merchandise including apparel, promotional products, uniforms and awards;
  • Develop relationships and promotional opportunities with licensees and find ways to increase the market share of Vanderbilt products in retail stores;
  • Select and manage contracts with suppliers who produce Vanderbilt merchandise for the university and Medical Center;
  • Approve copyright requests to use Vanderbilt photos, music, and video;
  • Generate and oversee royalty revenues for the university;
  • Work with agencies to help make sure Vanderbilt products are being produces in fair working conditions.

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