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International Research Grants F.A.Q.

Q: Does my project topic have to be related to international affairs/topics?

A: No. Your collaborators must be faculty at a peer institution overseas, but the topic of the research itself does not have to be international in focus.


Q: My primary faculty appointment is at the Medical Center, but I have a dual appointment with another school. Am I eligible to apply?

A: No. The PI’s primary appointment must be within University Central. You are eligible, however, to be a co-investigator on a project whose PI is a faculty member in University Central.


Q: We do not have matching funds. Should we apply?

A: Matching funds strengthen an application, but are not required. It is important that you have the endorsement of your Dean, however. 


Q: Can grant funds be used to pay a graduate student to do research for the project?

A: No. Funds cannot be used to pay any salaries. Funds may be used, however, to support living expenses (housing, etc) for a visiting graduate student or researcher.