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Vision & Mission

Vision: To be recognized by the Vanderbilt Board of Trust and Vanderbilt leadership as a valuable business partner by independently and objectively providing information, analyses and counsel to assist management in fulfilling their responsibility for ensuring operations are managed ethically, effectively and efficiently.

Mission: To assist Vanderbilt University leadership in providing the highest quality services in education, research and public services by promoting effective internal controls at a reasonable cost. The Office of Audit, Risk & Advisory Services will examine, evaluate, and report on the adequacy and reliability of existing controls to ensure that:
• Revenues are accurately and completely captured and processed.
• Expenses are reasonable, appropriate and properly approved.
• Financial reporting is accurate and reliable. 
• Automated processing of financial and operating data is accurate, reliable and complete.
• Laws, regulations, and internally developed policies and procedures are followed. 
• Assets are properly safeguarded.