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Through Immersion Vanderbilt, students would have the option to have their international immersive experiences and projects recognized on the transcript. Students who are engaged in study abroad, overseas research, overseas internships, and other international opportunities have the potential to transform ideas into action, refine skills, and integrate knowledge with experience.

Approximately 40 percent of graduating seniors report studying abroad during their time at Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt students also engage in other international experiences. Keep reading to see how current and former Vanderbilt students have expanded the boundaries of campus across the world to engage in immersive opportunities with a truly global impact.

Rachel King, Peabody

Major: Human and Organizational Development

Worked with Children for Change Cambodia, a community-based organization that provides educational services and social support. Developed curriculum for the Vanderbilt-Pakistan Connection and the Malaysian-American Relations at Vanderbilt through English Learning (MARVEL) programs, which provides English-language learning opportunities in real time via Skype. Read more.

Eunice Jun, Peabody

Majors: Cognitive Studies and Computer Science

Traveled to Guatemala to interview mothers and teachers and observed how they communicated with their children and each other. Used the data gleaned from her field research to update the educational materials and packaging that accompanied a pediatric nutritional supplement that Mayan mothers would give to their children. Read more.

Melissa De La Torre, Arts & Science

Majors: Public Policy and Sociology

Combined Vanderbilt coursework with study abroad opportunities in Paris, South Africa, and Morocco to study human rights and immigration law on an international scale. Read more.

School of Engineering

Biomedical Engineering Students

Every other year, students spend their spring break repairing medical equipment at hospitals in Guatemala as part of a biomedical engineering service learning course. Read more.

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