DIVE Boot Camps


A person's hands are shown in close-up as they write an idea on a pink sticky note using a black marker. Pipe cleaners, rubber bands, and other crafts are piled next to them on the table.

Offered several times per semester by experts in human-centered design thinking, Boot Camps will give you the chance to explore human-centered design and experiment with the knowledge you have gained.

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We’re putting together a very special event this year, a hack-a-thon focused on Laryngectomy patients called, “LaryHacks”. Laryngectomy patients have had their voice boxes removed for cancer, which introduces a number of lifestyle changes for them. This event is focused on identifying innovative solutions to improve their quality of life.

For this two-part event, Laryngectomy patients will be matched with students in engineering, business, speech-language pathology, ear-nose-throat surgery, and design to form multidisciplinary teams.

The first part of the event is an all-day Saturday “boot camp” that will involve training in design thinking and innovation, as well as a workshop to identify and brainstorm your team’s solution. This will be on March 24th. Sign up for Part 1 and Part 2 of this boot camp now!

Recent Boot Camps

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The most recent design-thinking boot camp was held March 24, 2018 for LaryHacks. Join us April 12 for the LaryHacks Celebration and Pitch Event.

Boot Camp Facts

  • All Vanderbilt community members may participate in a DIVE Boot Camp, including undergraduate students, graduate and professional students, staff, and faculty. The goal of the Boot Camps is to provide broad campus exposure to human-centered design.
  • Students participating in the the Co-Curricular Projects or University Course Deep DIVE experience will participate in a Boot Camp either prior to or during their experience.
  • Please email dive@vanderbilt.edu to sign up for the DIVE list serv, learn about new DIVE opportunities, and be the first to find out about future Boot Camps.

Student Learning Outcomes

Comprehend human-centered design principles through an active learning process

  • describe these steps
  • recognize them when presented with examples of design processes
  • distinguish between human-centered design and other approaches to design