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FutureVU Kickoff Symposium

On November 2, 2015, Chancellor Zeppos hosted a campus-wide symposium to usher in the land use planning process.  The intent of the symposium was to tease out the core humanistic values that will guide the planning process.  Faculty representing a range of disciplines offered presentations and addressed various approaches to thinking about how physical space, planning, and learning influence and affect each other.  In attendance at the symposiums were over 60 faculty, staff, and students.  The symposium closed with a discussion where attendees offered their thoughts on the core values that will guide the planning process.

The following draft core values were a result of the symposium:

  • Balance: We are a multi-layered institution with many driving forces.  It is our responsibility to seek balance in all that we do.  We should seek to find order out of chaos, ways to connect despite differences, and work together to fulfill our mission of advancing education, research, and health care.
  • Collaboration & Community: We must seek to form and promote a community environment that is welcoming, where experiences can be shared in and out of the classroom, and promotes collaboration for all audiences involved.
  • Discovery & Innovation: Discovery exists throughout all campus endeavors and should always be considered in the discussion – whether discovering who we are as students, discovering through research, and advancing our learning as a community.
  • Diversity & Inclusion: We must seek to promote an environment that embodies our commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity, which are paramount to our identity.
  • Interactions: Interactions and connections with our peers and colleagues are integral to understanding the humanistic nature of our mission. Centers should be viewed as a place where differences converge and promote healthy connections.
  • Purpose: Our mission of research, teaching, and discovery is integral to our purpose. We must keep in mind why we are here and how we use our land and space to create a positive narrative in all that we undertake.
  • Responsibility: We must seek to be responsible in all endeavors.  Our mission is to serve humanity and in doing so, we must remain responsible to each other and our environment, while remaining sensitive to our history and resources. We must promote sustainable behavior and practices that ensure the prosperous longevity of the campus, produce healthy environments, and preserve local ecologies for future generations.

Additional materials from the November 2, 2015 Symposium:

Feedback provided by symposium participants

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