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Status Reports

FutureVU Expo - April 2017

Status Update - Fall 2016

Status Update - Summer 2016

Status Update - Spring 2016

Chancellor's Town Hall - December 2015 

Kickoff Symposium - November 2015


To learn more about our continued collaboration with Vanderbilt Student Government, please visit the VSG page.


Current Projects and Studies

The current projects and studies section is intended to be dynamic.  Additional projects and studies will be added as projects/studies come into fruition and/or are board approved.  Updates will be made regularly throughout the academic year.  Current advisory committees and working groups are listed on the various studies/projects pages.


FutureVU presents the opportunity for the university to clearly contextualize inclusion through several efforts. Through careful space design the university may develop and promote welcoming environments for community members to share differences. As a part of these efforts, Vanderbilt Facilities has established an Advisory Accessibility Task Force.

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Vanderbilt is launching a series of “pop up” projects aimed at activating outdoor spaces around campus. Projects will transform underutilized spaces with the goal to green and beautify campus spaces for the enjoyment of all, promote a sustainable and walkable campus, encourage community building and social interaction and celebrate creativity and artistic expression.

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Issues of mobility are paramount to FutureVU efforts. In close alignment with the FutureVU Guiding Principles, the land use plan calls for diversification of transportation options, prioritization of pedestrian and bicycle mobility, and improvement of accessibility.

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FutureVU provides an initial set of recommendations including, but not limited to, the topics of site and landscape, stormwater management, water conservation, energy, building guidelines, alternative transportation, etc. Vanderbilt is launching two comprehensive operational studies to further expand on the recommendations and aid in the development of solutions that may result in a significant reduction in the university's environmental impact.  

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Construction of a new residential college at the site of the former Vanderbilt and Barnard Halls is underway. Named E. Bronson Ingram College in April 2017, in honor of the late E. Bronson Ingram who served on Vanderbilt’s Board of Trust for nearly three decades, the residential college is slated to open in the fall of 2018. 

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The re-imagination of the West End neighborhood, which currently houses Carmichael Towers, Greek Row and West Side Row, is a component of FutureVU with the goals of enhancing the neighborhood, giving it a more park-like feel , as well as creating a positive community feel in the neighborhood. Once efforts are completed, the neighborhood will feature three new undergraduate residential colleges and a beautified, green and pedestrian-friendly environment that is welcoming to all. 

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FutureVU calls for the prioritization of the campus core for pedestrian circulation and open space. While vehicular access for service, emergency and accessibility reasons must be maintained, a core goal is to minimize the impact upon pedestrian circulation and campus aesthetics as viewed from the campus edge. One such area of focus is the 21st Avenue edge. An expansion at the Nursing School and expansion at the Divinity School are underway, with further enhancements on the 21st edge to follow.

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