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Senate, USAC, and MCSAC Partner with Vanderbilt Travel

Vanderbilt Travel has partnered with the Faculty Senate, University Staff Advisory Council (USAC), and the Medical Center Staff Advisory Council (MCSAC) to survey traveler satisfaction with the new travel agency, World Travel. Vanderbilt Travel will launch a survey designed in partnership with VU faculty and VU Travel to gather feedback on how the new travel agency is performing and to identify potential areas for improvement, if necessary. Suzanne Bateman, President of MCSAC, states, “Survey results and action items will be shared in future communications with faculty and staff.” Rachel Harrell, President of USAC adds, “The survey, which will target all Vanderbilt travelers and guest travel coordinators booking travel through the new travel agency, World Travel, will be released December 16. Additional travelers using the service will be surveyed again in February 2016.” If you have booked travel using the new agency you should receive an email and a link to complete a short survey on your experience.