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Follow the Faculty Manual - Engage

The Faculty Manual Committee, chaired by Professor Myrna Wooders (A&S), has been hard at work on the faculty manual. After the planned VU-VUMC reorganization there will continue to be one faculty manual. As in the past, the faculty manual will describe the rights and summarize the obligations between the University and the faculty. There are two types of general revisions that have been made in support of the VU-VUMC reorganization:

  • Revisions to title. After the reorganization, the Vice Chancellor of Health Affairs title will not exist, being replaced by the title of Chief Executive Officer of VUMC.
  • Revisions to process. After the reorganization, because there will be two entities, VU and VUMC, the faculty manual must govern faculty matters for faculty associated with both entities.

These proposed revisions were placed before the faculty for comment. The Chancellor also urged the faculty to participate in the faculty manual comment period. The Faculty Manual Committee has also proposed other revisions to enhance and clarify procedures in the manual. All proposed revisions have gone through the faculty manual process of being discussed and voted upon in Senate and then sent to the Provost and, ultimately, the Chancellor for review and approval. This process is described in Part I, Chapter 5 of the faculty manual. Many of the revisions were discussed and voted upon at the November 5 Senate meeting. Follow the faculty manual progress here to see the motions and the changes presented in both “track changes” and “clean copy” form. As always, contact the Executive Committee with questions or suggestions.