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New Phone App Useful for Classroom Emergencies

Some faculty occasionally find themselves with a classroom, or other type of, emergency. For example, a student faints or has a seizure during class. How can a faculty member quickly reach help? “Three clicks and you have an instantaneous phone call to Vanderbilt University Police Department (VUPD) through our new SafeVU phone app. This service is a personalized communication platform for faculty, students, and staff that allows people to communicate directly with VUPD at the touch of a button,” states Johnny Vanderpool, Jr., Manager of Emergency Preparedness for VUPD. Not only does this app connect you to VUPD and determine your location. You do not need to speak to anyone to summon help. To learn more about SafeVU click here.

You can also dial (615) 421-1911 or (615) 322-2745 from your cell phone, which will connect you directly with VUPD. Average response time for VUPD to emergencies is four to five minutes; the national average is twelve to sixteen minutes. If you dial 911 from a Vanderbilt phone it connects you with VUPD automatically.

There are a number of resource guides and valuable information located on the university emergency preparedness website at These resources cover emergencies, from weather emergencies to active shooter incidents and many in between. Assistant Vice Chancellor and Chief of Police August Washington remarks, “VUPD is happy to speak to groups of faculty about safety and security concerns. We can tailor our presentation to particular topics for which faculty, staff, or students may desire more information and training.”