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Constitution: Article I

I. Article I, The Faculty Assembly (Effective as of April 5, 2018)

A.  Voting membership of the Faculty Assembly consists of the full-time members of the Faculties of the several Schools who hold the rank of Instructor or above (which includes administrative officers who hold Faculty appointments).  Part-time members of the Faculties having full status with partial load are voting members of the Faculty Assembly. [1974]

B.  The Faculty Assembly shall meet at least once during each academic year, normally at the opening of school. It may be called into additional sessions by the Chancellor, or by the Faculty Senate, or upon the written petition of any sixty voting members of the Faculty Assembly. A simple majority of elected members of the Faculty Senate shall constitute a quorum. [1982]

C.  The Chancellor or someone designated by the Chancellor shall preside at the required session and at sessions called by the Chancellor.  At other sessions the Chair of the Faculty Senate (or, in the latter's absence, the Chair-elect) shall preside. [1982]

D.  The Vice Chair of the Faculty Senate (or, in the Vice Chair's absence, the Vice Chair-elect) shall serve as Vice Chair of the Faculty Assembly. [1971] [2006]

E.  The Faculty Assembly is convened:

  1. to hear reports on the state of the University from the Chancellor or other officers of administration. [1982]
  2. to permit members to direct questions to the Chancellor, to other officers of administration, or to the Chair of the Faculty Senate. [1982]
  3. to discuss any subject of common concern and to express its opinion thereon. Formal expression of opinion shall be by a majority of the voting members present. [1971]
  4. to pass upon proposed amendments to this Constitution as specified in Article III. [1971]

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