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Chapter 2: Summer Employment

The University assigns some faculty members to duties that span the academic year only (academic-year appointees) and others to duties that span the twelve-month calendar year (fiscal-year appointees). Academic year duties include all duties and responsibilities associated with the academic-year calendar (from the beginning of the fall semester though the end of the spring semester), as determined by the Dean and/or department chair. Fiscal-year duties include all duties and responsibilities associated with the University’s fiscal year (July 1 through June 30).

Each of the colleges and schools establishes its own formula for compensating academic-year appointees who perform duties between the end of one academic year and the beginning of the next. When such a compensation formula is some percentage of the academic-year salary, the academic year referenced to calculate payment is the previous, not the forthcoming, academic year.

Salary paid through the University and earned between the close of one academic year and the beginning of the next is not included in the retirement contribution plan. However, a faculty member receiving such compensation may contribute to the TIAA-CREF, Vanguard, Fidelity, or VALIC programs by an agreed reduction of his or her salary, even though there is no matching contribution through the University. Faculty members should consult the Benefits Office of Human Resource Services for details.

The limit of additional salary that academic-year appointees may receive from unrestricted University funds is two-ninths of the academic-year salary. Exceptions must be approved by the Provost. Academic-year appointees may earn as much as three-ninths of salary during the period between academic years if the additional funds are provided by outside support and if the arrangement has been approved in the regular grants approval procedure. Fiscal-year appointees are not paid additional salary in lieu of vacation.

For academic-year appointees, a Summer Faculty Pay Form is required to authorize compensation for teaching, research, or other duties during the period that is not part of the academic year. Payment dates, which vary depending on the summer calendar, are announced by the Office of Accounting in the Vanderbilt Register late in the spring semester. No salaries will be paid in advance of the announced pay dates. Forms received by the Payroll Office after the announced deadline will be paid on the next established summer pay date.