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Chapter 1: Insurance Programs

Section A
Health Care Coverage

Vanderbilt offers extensive health care options.17,18 These plans compare favorably in rates and benefits with those offered by most other institutions. New full-time faculty members should complete a Benefits Enrollment Form within 30 days from their appointment date (the date their employment by Vanderbilt begins). These forms are available on the Human Resources website ( Health care coverage is effective on the appointment date. For additional information, see the summary plan description on the HR Web site or on file in the Benefits Office of Human Resources. Faculty who continue full-time employment beyond the age of 65 remain in the Vanderbilt health care plan. Upon attaining age 65, faculty members should enroll in Medicare. Vanderbilt’s active plan health care benefits continue and will be coordinated with benefits from Medicare. The local office of Social Security should be notified several months in advance of age 65. A faculty member retiring from Vanderbilt at age 65 or older may enroll in a Medicare Supplement Plan. Supplemental plan enrollment forms may be obtained directly from the applicable insurance plan.

17Facultv who are employees of the Vanderbilt University Medical Center do not receive employee benefits discussed in Part VI. Those benefits, including, but not limited to, retirement, health care, and insurance benefits, are linked to employment. As such, those benefits are provided by the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Such faculty should confer with the appropriate officials at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center for information regarding their employee benefits.

18All benefits are subject to change at  the discretion of the University.

Section B
Group Life Insurance

Vanderbilt’s term life insurance plan offers a benefit equal to four times the base annual rate of pay, up to a maximum of $500,000 with no medical underwriting. The plan begins for a full-time faculty member immediately on the appointment date. Vanderbilt pays the basic benefit equal to the base annual salary. The voluntary part of the plan offers the faculty member the option to purchase an additional one, two, or three times the base annual salary up to a maximum of $500,000 (or $1,000,000 if evidence of insurability is provided and salary allows). The faculty member pays the cost for the voluntary portion elected.

The plan also provides, at University cost, $5,000 in life insurance for the faculty member’s spouse and $2,500 for each dependent child. Dependent children are covered from 0 days to age 19 (to age 23 if a full-time student). When both husband and wife are employed at Vanderbilt and eligible for dependent life benefits, the dependent life benefits are provided to each.

The premium changes as age and salary advance for the faculty member. Benefits increase automatically with salary increments. However, active employees ages 65 and older will have coverage equal to a prorated percent of the amount of coverage elected.

Term insurance terminates upon retirement and it has no cash value. Life insurance after retirement is provided for faculty members who were enrolled in the group life program before May 1, 1971. Faculty members who qualify for this insurance can obtain specific provisions from the Benefits Office of Human Resources.

If the individual should decide to cancel participation in the voluntary part or to enroll at a later date, the change should be made in writing to the Benefits Office of Human Resources. For enrollment after 30 days past appointment date, evidence of insurability is required.

Faculty members who leave Vanderbilt may convert the group life term insurance to another type of individual insurance without questionnaire or medical examination, if application is made with Metropolitan Life Insurance Company within 31 days of leaving the employ of the University. Faculty members who under an earlier plan converted term coverage to whole life may continue that coverage after leaving Vanderbilt.

For additional information, see the summary plan description on the Human Resources website or on file in the Benefits Office of Human Resources.

Section C
Long-term Disability Insurance

Each full-status member of the faculty of Vanderbilt University is eligible for disability insurance after one year of employment. The plan covers continuous, total disability, caused by sickness or injury incurred while actively employed. The existence of “continuous, total disability” is determined by the insurer.

In order to take advantage of the waiver of a health statement or physical examination, new faculty must apply for group life insurance within 30 days after the appointment date. Benefits begin on the first day of the month following six months of continuous, total disability. Compensation from Vanderbilt University will not, in any event, continue beyond that time. Benefits are paid so long as the faculty member remains totally disabled in accordance with policy provisions or until attainment of age 65. However, for a period of total disability beginning after attainment of age 60, benefits continue during the total disability for a prorated period of up to five years.

For additional information, see the summary plan description on the HR. Web site or on file in theBenefits Office of Human Resources.

Section D
Accidental Death and Dismemberment

Accidental death and dismemberment insurance is available to all full-time faculty members for a reasonable premium.

For additional information, see the summary plan description on the Human Resources website or contact the Benefits Office of Human Resources.

Section E
Workers’ Compensation

Faculty members, as well as other employees at Vanderbilt, are covered by the Workers’ Compensation Act of Tennessee. The Workers’ Compensation Act covers accidental injuries and occupational diseases that arise from and in the course of employment at Vanderbilt. A copy of the Workers’ Compensation Act is available from the Workers’ Compensation Division, Department of Labor, State of Tennessee.

Any disease or injury that may be covered by the Workers’ Compensation Act should be reported immediately to the office of the department chair or dean. Failure to report the injury or disease in a timely manner may render one ineligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Within 24 hours of this report, the department should send the Employer’s First Report of Work Injury form to the Risk and Insurance Management Office, 610 Oxford House, by campus mail. This form may be obtained through the Purchasing Department. The form must be completed and signed by the supervisor or department chair, not by the injured person. The supervisor or department chair should keep a copy of the form.

Additional information is available from the Office of Risk and Insurance Management or the Workers’ Compensation Division, Department of Labor, State of Tennessee.

Section F
Liability Insurance

Members of the faculty with specific questions about liability insurance, including for injury or damage arising out of use of automobiles on University business, should consult the Office of Risk and Insurance Management.

Section G
Travel Accident Insurance

Faculty members traveling on business of the University are covered by business travel accident insurance purchased by Vanderbilt. This applies to travel to and from any point inside or outside Davidson County, Tennessee (or the county where one is assigned to work). Commuting to work is not covered. Since the coverage is restricted to business travel, faculty members should have on file an approved Travel Authorization Form prior to any business trip to a location outside Davidson. County.

Restrictions exist on the use of private or chartered aircraft, with details available from the Office of Risk and Insurance Management.