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Part VI Faculty Benefits

(Snapshot on 4/13/2018)

Full-status members of the faculty (excluding those with the prefixes “adjunct,” “adjoint,” or the suffixes “emeritus,” “emerita,” or “in-residence”), general officers, members of the executive administration, and senior exempt staff are eligible for insurance, benefit, and retirement coverage under various plans administered by the university, although in some instances there are waiting periods (see pages following). Benefit arrangements for coverage of faculty with full-status partial-load appointments are explained in Part II, Chapter 2, Section G.

Benefit programs administered through the Benefits Office of Human Resources are health care plan, retirement plan, dental insurance, vision insurance, group life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, long-term disability insurance, and flexible spending accounts. For details, faculty members should contact the Benefits Office of Human Resources and may view information provided by insurance carriers about the various plans and benefits on the HR Web site ( Costs quoted may change from time to time.

Other benefits offered include Social Security, Workers’ Compensation, salary supplement, liability insurance and travel accident insurance. For more information on these benefits, contact your department.

The following descriptions are general and do not serve as a contract. Any inconsistencies between these general descriptions and the terms of the plan documents are governed by the plan documents.