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Instructor Led Training Courses

Fundamentals of Export Control 
Gain general awareness about export controls and various components that may affect you and your work at Vanderbilt. This includes a general overview of export compliance, information regarding how export controls may affect your work in the areas of international: shipping, procurement, travel, visitors, disbursement, and research collaborations and the penalties associated with export violations. Time is allotted for questions.

Department or Project Specific Training 
Additional training, basic or specific, can be arranged by contacting the VEC office.


Online Training

CITI Program Training - Export Compliance

Available Modules:

  • Introduction to Export Compliance
  • Export Compliance When Using Technology in Research (ID:16804)
  • Export Compliance and Distance Learning (ID: 16811)
  • Export Compliance for Researchers: Part I (ID: 16801)
  • Export Compliance for Researchers: Part II (ID: 16802)
  • Export Compliance for Research Administrators (ID: 16803)
  • Export Compliance and Biosafety (ID: 16805)
  • Export Compliance for Operational Departments (ID: 16806)
  • Export Compliance for International Shipping (ID: 16807)
  • Export Compliance and Puchasing (ID: 16808)
  • Export Compliance and International and Foreign Waters (ID: 16809)

Export Controls Decision Tree 

This flow chart may be used as general guidance to determine whether or not the research, shipment, export, etc. in question has export control restrictions.

Basic Export Guidance Flyer
This flyer may be printed and posted to assist in providing export compliance awareness to Vanderbilt faculty and staff.


Other Training Resources