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Designing Courses for the Professional Courses

  cynthia                               lori



Cynthia and Lori will share their experiences creating and designing their language courses over the last twenty plus years: the service learning based “Spanish for the Medical Professions”, “Spanish for Business and Economics” and “Spanish for the Legal Professions”, narrating the ongoing evolution of these courses within the professions, tips for creating and executing a culturally rich and appropriate curriculum in the context of current geopolitical, social and economic realities and anticipating the needs of the global workplace in the 21st Century.  The conversation will also include hands-on brainstorming exercises for creating innovative “out-of-box” ideas for new teaching and learning experiences within the context of the language courses you aspire to teach.

Friday, September 8,  2017

Center for Second Language Studies
Furman 001
2:30pm - 3:30pm