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Brand Engagement and Governance

Crafters License Program/Policy

Please note that most Universities and Colleges are the owners of their trademarks, names, seals, and symbols and must grant permission prior to any use of these marks. Failure to do so is an infringement of the College or University’s federally protected trademarks. Please contact the University or College for permission to produce collegiate product.

Application to use the marks/logos for Vanderbilt University.

Definition of a Crafter: A crafter is defined as an individual producing domestic handcrafted items in the home with collegiate marks, and selling/distributing to individual consumers via events or direct sales. This might include events organized by a church, school, county, state, craft, holiday, Junior League, street festivals, gift marts, or flea markets. In addition, no more than (500) units may be sold per year and less than ($2500) total sales per year per University. No sales will be permitted on a wholesale basis or to a third party retailer.