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Back-up Care Comparision Chart

The Vanderbilt Child and Family Center now offers two options for the provision of back-up, evening and night care, and emergency care. Both the Vanderbilt Sitter Service and offer programs to serve both children and adults. While both are designed to meet the dependent care and self care needs of faculty and staff, the chart below provides a comparison of the two programs that will help you choose which one is right for your needs.

  Vanderbilt Sitter Service
Eligibility The service is available to all Vanderbilt faculty and staff. This benefit is available to all benefits-eligible faculty and staff.
Cost The costs are negotiated with the individual sitters. Adult care is $15.00 per hour and will charge your credit card for the appropriate number of hours once the care is complete.
Child care is $13.00 per hour and is paid directly to the caregiver in cash or by check.
Utilization There is no limit on the number of days that the Sitter Service can be used. Each benefits-eligible faculty and staff may use up to 5 days of child and adult care per contract year, July 1 – June 30.
Employees are responsible for all background and reference checks for the sitters they employ. conducts interviews, checks references, and criminal background checks.
Arranging for
Contact the sitter directly. Call 855-781-1303. You will need to provide your employee ID when calling.
Locations Nashville and some parts of middle Tennessee Nashville and other cities that are a part of their network.

The Sitter Service (Requires login to the Health & Wellness Information Portal) Back-up Adult Care Back-up Child Care