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Quality Early Childhood Education and Care

Decades of research have provided us with a clear understanding of the major components of a quality early childhood education programs:

  • Small group size
  • Low child-to-teacher ratios
  • Trained, qualified, and consistent staff
  • Good relationships and communication between home and school

A child’s involvement in a quality early childhood education program can have a tremendous impact on their success in school and in life.

When choosing an early childhood education program for your child there are several things you need to observe:

  • Is the facility clean? Is the equipment in good repair?
  • Are meals and snacks nutritious?
  • Are the children read to each day? Are they actively involved in learning through play?
  • Do the children have opportunities to make choices?
  • Does the staff seem knowledgeable about child development and developmentally-appropriate practice?
  • Do the children and adults seem to interact well?
  • Do the children seem happy?
  • Most importantly…Do you feel welcome in the center and in the classroom?

Keywords: Early Childhood Education, Quality Care