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Bicycle Safety

Riding a bike is a fun way to get exercise and to spend time with family and friends. Children tend to ride their bicycles a lot, particularly during the warmer months. It is very important that all children are aware of different safety rules to ride by so they can avoid injuries. The following are bicycle safety rules to help you. It is recommended that you review them with your child and actually demonstrate each one to reinforce the point and make the learning concrete.

  1. Protect your head – wear a helmet!
  2. See and be seen – wear proper clothing. Clothing should be light in color and close fitting to avoid being entangled in the moving parts of a bicycle.
  3. Go with the flow of traffic – stay on the correct side. Bicyclists must obey the same traffic laws as motor vehicle operators. Stop signs and stop lights, road marks and road signs, are for a cyclist, as well as a motor vehicle operator.
  4. Keep your eyes on the road – be aware of traffic around you. Before you enter a street or intersection, check for traffic and always look left, right, and left again. Walk your bicycle across busy streets and crosswalks.
  5. Stay alert! Keep a lookout for the unexpected.
  6. Drive your bicycle defensively. Watch for potholes, sewer gratings, cracks, railroad crossings, loose gravel, and broken glass. Be careful in wet weather and at night.
  7. Fix it up – check your bike! Inspect your bike before using it.

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