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Mom's Milk Club - A Support Group for Breastfeeding Mothers

Mom's Milk Club - A Support Group for Breastfeeding Mothers

Betty McDaniel-Thomas speaks about a support group that is located at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital for breastfeeding mothers.?

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Stacy Bonner: Welcome to this edition of the Vanderbilt University Health and Wellness Wellcast. I am Stacy Bonner with the Child and Family Center. Are you breast-feeding? Do you have questions about breast?feeding and would like answers from other mothers who are breast-feeding? Betty McDaniel-Thomas, Certified Lactation Consultant with Vanderbilt Childrens Hospital has joined me to discuss Mom's Milk Club? Betty, what is Moms Milk Club?

Betty Thomas: Mom's Milk Club is support group run mostly by moms other moms with babies the same age about anywhere from one week on up to several months. It is just moms supporting other moms, so you are able to talk with each other and share your experiences.

Stacy Bonner: Are these moms employees of Vanderbilt or moms in the community?

Betty Thomas: Any mom that has a baby whether it be here at Vanderbilt or in the community. It does not have to be an employee here at the hospital.

Stacy Bonner: When and where does the Mom's Milk Club meet?

Betty Thomas: We meet at Vanderbilt Childrens Hospital in the Champ store which is off the garage just inside where the greeter desk is to the right. It meets from 12 to 2 every Thursday.

Stacy Bonner: Besides for getting guidance from other mothers, what else can a member expect to hear at the Mom's Milk Club?

Betty Thomas: We talk about anything that concerns a new baby or even an old baby. We talked about safety. We have talked about baby massage. We have talked with going back to work, what your milk supply does, how would you go about breastfeeding, safety, nutrition, anything that is pertinent to the group. The group can bring up all kinds of topics, and we can discuss those.

Stacy Bonner: What are the some of the things in the past that you have heard. I know you talk about safety; is there anything where a mom is, like you said, going back to work where you had a lot of discussion and maybe of interest to even someone listening?

Betty Thomas: We have talked about baby sleeping when you put your baby to sleep. How long should the baby sleep, books that are out in the market, what are your thoughts on the books that are the market today? How do you deal with some of those issues? We share those experiences with each other and we come up with the best thing that is best for you and your baby.

Stacy Bonner: So, a person that leaves these meetings, they are not just getting information. They are getting resources and does a lot of the parents or mothers that are there, kind of, network and get phone numbers, how does that kind of work with things?

Betty Thomas: We have moms that will actually share their phone numbers or their e?mail addresses, and they get together outside of support group, so they call each other. We have some that walk together. I think it is every Sunday, they just meet and they take a nice long walk in Centennial Park.

Stacy Bonner: We talked about who usually attends who do you suggest should attend the Moms Milk Club? Is there anybody in particular would you suggest maybe a person that is pregnant and plan on breastfeeding, parents that are already breastfeeding, who would you suggest should attend this club?

Betty Thomas: First-time moms usually, you know, families are so spread apart now they do not have that support here on their own community. So, moms that need that extra support, that talk with other moms that have babies about the same age, and it could be moms like second-or-third-time moms if they need our support. Pregnant women, I am not so sure, maybe they are just not at that point that they need that interaction just yet; but definitely, first-time moms just need some extra support to know what to do.

Stacy Bonner: Do they just come or do they need to call and reserve or what is the procedure?

Betty Thomas: They just show up.

Stacy Bonner: Just come.

Betty Thomas: They just come. There are no reservations. You walk in the door and we will find a spot for you.

Stacy Bonner: Thank you Betty.

Betty Thomas: You are welcome. Thank you.

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Posted 2014-06-06 06:00:43.