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Meal Time at the Child Care Center

Weekly menus of meals and snacks will be posted in each Center.

Infants: Bottles should be brought to the Center “ready to feed.” Bottles will be refrigerated and warmed with water by the teachers. Empty bottles will be rinsed and placed in your child’s diaper bag.

Until children are able to eat the meals provided by the Center, parents are required to supply formula and baby food. When your child is making the transition to table food, we will offer appropriate selections from the daily menu. Milk and fruit juice will also be available.

Meals are served family-style with children being encouraged, but not forced, to eat. We encourage children to taste each item being served. During snack time, children have the opportunity to develop independence and self-help skills by serving themselves when they are ready to eat.

Additional information:

Kids Health: Healthy Eating

American Heart Association: Dietary Recommendations for Healthy Children

Keywords: Early Childhood Education, Nutrition