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F.A.Q. Student International Travel Policy

Q: I'm taking a leave of absence to study abroad.  Does this policy apply to me?

A: No.  Students who are taking an official leave of absence from Vanderbilt in order to participate in a non-Vanderbilt study abroad program are not subject to this policy. 

Q: I'm a PhD student attending a professional conference.  Does the policy apply to me?

A: If you are using any funding (i.e. travel award or your mentor's research funding) from Vanderbilt to support your travel to the conference, or if you are required by your department to attend the conference, the policy applies. If you are attending the conference using your own funds, you are not subject to the policy.  If you are unsure, please contact VIO.

Q: I'm having trouble registering my trip in the ISOS system.  What should I do?

A: E-mail

Q. I am planning to travel to a country listed on the Restricted Regions List. What do I  do?

  • Students who wish to travel to a country included on the restricted travel site list referenced above must submit a “Request for Exception to Travel” to the Study Abroad Risk Assessment Committee for review. 
  • Request forms can be found here: individual  student group or faculty-led.  Forms should be completed as soon as possible, and no later than sixty days prior to travel.  
  • SARAC may determine that a restricted travel destination does not require a “Request for Exception to Travel” if that destination has recently been reviewed by SARAC and there have been no major changes in safety or security. SARAC may reinstate the requirements for a “Request for Exception to Travel” at any time.