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International Employment Opportunities for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

In addition to the resources for job seekers provided by the Vanderbilt Center for Student Professional Development, there are several organizations that focus on assisting individuals interested in obtaining work experience abroad. VIO provides these links for reference only.

Association for International Practical Training (AIPT)

AIPT can arrange work permits for U.S. and international students and professionals to go from the United States to one of 80 countries.

Offers a directory of short-term job, volunteer, and internship experiences in many different countries. The programs have internships in engineering, medicine, non-profit, and business. Most programs do have placement fees associated with them. US citizenship is not required for most of the programs.


Working Adventures Worldwide: BUNAC offers a range of working holidays including a summer camp counseling program in the USA, flexible work and travel programs to Canada, Australia and New Zealand and volunteering placements. These are open to full-time or gap year students and other young people from both the U.K. and the U.S.A.

CampCounselors USA

Worldwide work and travel program for young adults of any nationality.

CEI - Club des 4 Vents / Work in France

Through these programs, you will greatly improve your language skills and your knowledge of French culture The Job Program, as you will be paid a salary, will enable you to finance your stay. Placed in a French company, the Internship Program will give you the opportunity to use your professional skills and to enhance your CV. The internship or work experience consists of an UNPAID (but very often compensated) placement in a French company for an assignment relating to studies. You have to be living and studying in your own country, and older than 18 to apply.

Directory of Work Abroad Web Sites

A collection of sites for work abroad and international careers provided by the University of Michigan. Most of the programs are open to American and international undergraduate and graduate students, as well as to post-docs.

Educational Vacancies Web Site

Job search site for teaching jobs and multiple types of education opportunities in Great Britain.

Employment Opportunities in the UN and Other Organizations

Professional and Senior Positions for qualified U.S. Citizens only. Provided by the U.S. Department of State.

Comprehensive nonprofit site that includes internship and volunteer listings as well as paid jobs for a variety of countries.


Working Abroad offers U.S. citizens the opportunity to work legally while traveling abroad. Offers jobs, international internships, au pair/childcare, volunteer, informal teaching and farm worker programs in twelve countries around the world (Australia, Costa Rica, France, Germany, England, India, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, Namibia, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, South Africa, Spain, and Zimbabwe).

International Jobs

A comprehensive source of international jobs for professionals, including international development jobs. Registration is required in order to access the databank.

Database of job listings at worldwide resorts, ski areas, camps, parks, cruise ships, and hotels. Focus on jobs in the Caribbean, Greece, Guam, Mexico, Northern Mariana Islands, as well as inside the US.

Database of teaching, tourist, and service sector jobs worldwide (especially in Canada, Turkey, and England).

Transitions Abroad: Work, Study, Travel, Living

A great, extensive resource that anyone interested in going abroad will find useful. International job offers, internships, volunteer work, teaching English abroad and more.


UNICEF recruits specialists in areas such as Child Protection, Public Health, Nutrition, Education, HIV/AIDS, Human Resources, Finance, Auditing, Water and Sanitation, Administration, Accounting, Information Systems, Logistics, Communication, Fund raising, Marketing and Management for worldwide service. Several permanent employment opportunities as well as short-term jobs are available to qualified applicants. Master’s degree or equivalent experience is required.

U.S. Department of State – Student Employment Programs

The Department manages several student employment programs that enable students to get experience in a foreign affairs environment through on-the-job experience. Some of our students work in Washington, DC, and others have the opportunity to work at an embassy overseas. Positions are both paid and unpaid and many are available during spring, summer, or fall. For U.S. citizens.

Work & Travel Ireland

Helps with securing a work permit to work in paid employment in the Republic of Ireland for up to 4 months.