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International Calling Cards and Telephone Services

Please contact your residential telephone service provider to inquire about calling the U.S. from abroad. Often phone companies will provide services such as access numbers that make it easier to stay in contact with the U.S. Also, once you arrive at your destination you can purchase calling cards to call the U.S.

Cellular phone providers offer international roaming rates for travelers outside of the United States. You can be reached using the same wireless number you use in the U.S. and International roaming charges will appear on your monthly wireless bill. Please contact your cellular phone provider to see if these services are offered.

For those traveling, it is important to remember that collect calls cannot be made from abroad (or from within the US) to cellular or mobile phones. Collect phone calls can be made only to land lines. Be sure to carry contact information that contains at least one or two landline emergency contact numbers.

Find the international dialing code or time zone for any country by clicking here.