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Procedures for Establishing an International Project or Program

Please submit a brief summary of your proposed agreement, addressing the questions below, where applicable. Submit the summary to the international programs contact in your school to obtain the Dean’s approval. Please include the cover page linked here .

1. How does the partnership fit into the academic or research goals of your program, department and school?

2. Does this partnership have the support of your department chair and/or Dean?

3. What are the short and long-term goals of the partnership?

4. What is the term or length of the agreement?

5. What are the financial implications and obligations of the partnership? Please consider costs associated with tuition (e.g., tuition cannot be waived for incoming students), administrative support, accommodations, etc.

6. What are the sources of funding for the partnership? Are they sustainable? If not, how will any expenses be covered long-term?

7. What kind of institutional administrative capacity or infrastructure is needed to support this partnership? Is the support available?

8. Is the necessary administrative, financial and other support available at the partner institution?

9. Is there potential for the partnership to affect departments or centers at Vanderbilt other than your own?

10. Does the partnership involve payment to anyone in the partner country or at the partner institution?

11. If the partnership focuses on research, have issues such as intellectual property and export control been considered?

12. If faculty exchange is involved, what plans are in place to support the living expenses and needs of the visiting faculty at either institution?

13. If proposing a student exchange (graduate or undergraduate):

Is there adequate demand on the part of the students to maintain a balanced exchange?

Is housing available at VU and partner institution? At what cost?

Who will cover the living expenses of the students?

Are students taking courses for credit? If so, who will cover the cost of tuition?


After obtaining approval from your dean, please submit a copy of the summary and a letter of support from your dean to  the Vanderbilt International Office, Student Life Center, Suite 110 or  VIO will contact you to discuss the nature of the agreement and provide the appropriate MOU template.

Please complete the template, making changes where appropriate and submit the agreement to the partner institution for input or changes and return the resulting document to VIO who will forward it to the Office of the General Counsel for approval. If no additional changes are needed, VIO will obtain the appropriate signatures.

After the signatures are obtained, two copies of the signed MOU should be sent to the partner institution for signature. The partner will need to send one of the copies back to VIO once they have added their signature.

Submit your summary to:

A&S: Martin Rapisarda

Engineering: Cynthia Paschal

Peabody: Xiu Cravens

Divinity: Graham Reside

Law: Mike Newton

Medicine: Cathryn Rolfe

Nursing: Linda Norman

Owen: Gary Scudder

Blair: Melissa Rose