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 Vanderbilt's International Partners

The Vanderbilt International Strategy of 2005 calls for the establishment of "broad and profound institutional partnerships with a small number of peer institutions in strategic locations throughout the world." Since early 2006, the Advisory Council for International Affairs has undertaken to identify a select group of potential core partners for Vanderbilt, focusing on the key criteria of research prominence (world-class strengths in areas similar to Vanderbilt's), disciplinary breadth (at least five counterparts to VU's ten Schools), and strategic location (in terms of geopolitics, economics, and accessibility). A core partnership agreement also requires strong commitment by the partner's academic leadership to devote sufficient financial and other resources to fostering these research collaborations and other cooperation among their students and administrative staff. These expectations necessarily restrict the number of core partnerships that Vanderbilt can reasonably support. On this basis, Vanderbilt has entered into core partnerships with the following institutions:


Guidelines for Establishing Partnerships

For more information on the process of establishing an international project or program, please click here.

For information on establishing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with an international partner, please click here.

For further information, please visit the following:


School Strategic Partners

Each of Vanderbilt's schools is currently engaged in identifying additional institutional alliances of particular benefit to their respective faculties. For details, please contact the appropriate Dean's office.


Student Exchange Programs

Vanderbilt has several student exchange programs with university partners. Please contact the Global Education Office for further information about specifics & eligibility.