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VINSE - Vanderbilt Institute of Nanoscale Science and Engineering

VINSE Featured Spotlight Publications 

read more"Efficient hot-electron transfer by a plasmon-induced interfacial charge-transfer transition" K. Wu, J.R. McBride, T. Lian, Science, 349 (6248), 632-35, 2015. PDF

read more "Electrical Control of near-Field Energy Transfer between Quantum Dots and Two-Dimensional Semiconductors" D. Prasai, A.R. Klots, AKM Newaz, J.S. Niezgoda, N.J. Orfield, C.A. Escobar, A.Wynn, A. Efimov, G. Kane Jennings, S.J. Rosenthal, and K.I. Bolotin, Nano Letters, 15 (7), 4374-4380, 2015. PDF

read more"Efficient forward second-harmonic generation from planar archimedean nanosprials" R.B. Davidson, J.I. Ziegler, G. Vargas, S.M. Avanesyan, Y. Gong, W. Hess and R.F. Haglund, Nanophotonics, 4, 108-113, 2015. PDF

read more"Electrochemical Preparation of Photosystem I−Polyaniline Composite Films for Biohybrid Solar Energy Conversion" E.A. Gizzie, G. LeBlanc, G.K. Jennings and D.E. Cliffel, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces,  7, 9328-9335, 2015. PDF

read more"Ferroelectric Particles Generated through a Simple, Room-Temperature Treatment of CdSe Quantum Dots" T.L. Wrenn, J.R. McBride, J.W. Mares and S.J. Rosenthal, Chemistry of Materials, 27, 3817-3820, 2015. PDF

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"Plasmonic Hot Electron Induced Photocurrent Response at MoS2 - Metal Junctions" T. Hong, B. Chamlagain, S. Hu, S.M. Weiss, Z. Zhou, Y.Q. Xu, ACS Nano,  9, 5, 5357-5363, 2015. PDF