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2013 Global Health Case Competition


Anna Van Windekens, Chair
Natasha Abdullah
Kristin Anderson
Laura Edwards
Matt Gartland
Leigh Howard
Sushil Khadka
Ankita Khandai
Christie LaGrange
Kathy Murphy
Colby Passaro
Ryan Planchard
Tara Ramaswamy
Rebecca Reed
Sivu Suppiah
Xavier Van Windekens
Emily Woods
Shuai Yuan

VIGH Interns

Aditya Karhade
Emma O'Neil
Cozy Ruan
Michaela Wetter

VIGH Advisors

Annie Smart
Marie Martin


Sherif Barsoum, M.S., Director of International Student and Scholar Services

Dominique P. Béhague, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Medicine, Health and Society

Corbette Doyle, E.M.B.A., Lecturer in Organizational Leadership

Carol Etherington, M.S.N., R.N., Assistant Professor of Nursing and VIGH Associate Director for Community Health Initiatives

Doug Heimburger, M.D., M.S., Professor of Medicine and VIGH Associate Director for Education and Training

Todd Lawrence, M.S., Global Health and International Development Specialist

Keith G. Meador, M.D., M.P.H., Th.M., Director of the Center for Biomedical Ethics & Society and Vice Chair for Faculty Affairs, Psychiatry

Thomas Schwartz, Ph.D., Professor of History, Political Science, and European Studies

Jeffery Stovall, M.D., Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Residency Training Director for the Adult Psychiatry Program

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The Winning Team

Vanderbilt's team at the Emory International Global Health Case Competition

Alexandra Foust, Peabody College of Education and Human Development                                                                                                                                         M.Ed. candidate (International Education Policy Management), 2014

Erika Larson, Peabody College of Education and Human Development                M.Ed. candidate (International Education Policy Management), 2014

Elizabeth Murphy, School of Medicine                                                                            M.P.H. candidate (Global Health), 2014

Hemant Nelaparthi, Owen Graduate School of Management                                   MBA candidate, 2014

Saad Tamman, The Graduate School                                                                                 M.A. candidate (Economic Development), 2014

Anvesh Yedugundla, Owen Graduate School of Management                                  MBA candidate, 2014

The Case

Mental Health in Post-Revolution Egypt

(edited by Eric Wheeler)

As a result of the political, social, and economic upheaval linked to the Egyptian Revolution of 2011, the youth of Egypt have experienced significant psychological trauma. The University of Cairo and Egypt's Ministry of Health have launched a new initiative, Healthy Minds, Healthy Youth, to promote community mental health care in Cairo, seeking to mitigate the negative impact of traumatic experiences on those affected in the wake of the Revolution.

The University of Cairo and the Egyptian Ministry of Health have solicited proposals from a number of different groups. They will convene to hear the presentation proposals, review the recommendations, and ultimately select one group's program for funding. Drawing upon your team's research and expertise, your task is to propose a strategy for the Healthy Minds, Healthy Youth initiative to address the complex and multifaceted mental health Crisis in the capital city. Your recommendations should specifically focus on the mental health needs of young Cairo residents (15-24 years old) following the Revolution. You and your group have discretion to allocate up to $1.5 million USD over no more than 3 years for your proposed intervention.

(edited by Eric Wheeler)

Mental health is a broad and complex topic. As such, your recommendations should be based on the needs you identify in Cairo within the specific population of 15-24 year-olds as they pertain to post-Revolution trauma. We strongly encourage you to incorporate some or all of the following elements into your proposal (as well as any other considerations you deem significant): 1. access to care, 2. marginalized or minority communities, 3. impact of gender on perception and treatment of mental illness, 4. innovative models for outreach and delivery of case, and 5. stigmatization of mental illness.


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