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VIDL White Papers

White papers by the Vanderbilt Institute for Digital Learning (VIDL) and its university partners highlight current and future activities related to VIDL’s many-fold mission

  • to facilitate means by which on-campus education and learning are enhanced through online and other digital technology, and vice versa;
  • to promote research and other scholarship at Vanderbilt on digitally-enhanced education and learning; • to encourage and oversee world and local community service by Vanderbilt that involves digital learning, to include production and management of Vanderbilt’s massive, open, online courses (MOOCs);
  • to serve as a university center for expertise and resources in digital learning, to include knowledge of such activities across our campus; and
  • to search out and act on synergies and dependencies across these thrusts. VIDL anticipates a steady stream of white papers within and between the mission areas of education, research, outreach, and inreach.

White papers highlight Vanderbilt research within a larger landscape and are intended largely for Vanderbilt’s internal use. In contrast, VIDL Technical Reports, again with Vanderbilt partners, are scholarly documents, ideally published in the literature.