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Faculty Innovation Program

In Spring 2015, VIDL continues a yearly faculty seed funding program in digital learning, which may include development of massive, open, online courses (MOOCs) through COURSERA. But the funding program goes well beyond MOOC creation to other types of projects. For example, an applicant might look to create an open, crowd-sourced textbook; to mine data concerning student access to YouTube educational videos; to study cultural blending among students of MOOCs; or to prepare virtual and video materials for an on-campus course.

Faculty proposals will be reviewed by a faculty panel using criteria that include:

  1. identified benefits of project for on-campus education and students;
  2. identified research opportunities stemming from project;
  3. identified benefits of project to region, nation, and/or world;
  4. identified relationships of project to other Vanderbilt stakeholders, including alums, online programs, …
  5. faculty commitment and availability for project, evidenced by letters of support (for example), from chairs and deans (for course release and/or other support), industry, etc

These are all factors to be considered in selecting digital learning projects for seed support, but proposals will vary in their strengths along each. The faculty review committee makes recommendations for award to VIDL; which then insures that disciplinary, technological, and pedagogical balances are taken into account; making its final recommendations for award to the Vice Provost for Learning and Residential Affairs for final approval. 


Awards for 2015-2016


 Harnessing Digital Storytelling for Teaching and Research

  • Laura M. Carpenter (PD); Department of Sociology, also affiliated with Women's and Gender Studies and the Center for Medicine, Health, and Society




Learning Old French in an Immersive Video Game Environment

  • Lynn Ramey (PD); Department of French and Italian




 Using Interactive Video to Teach Clinical Procedures

  • Amy Robertson, MD (PD); School of Medicine, Department of Anesthesiology
  • Leslie Fowler, MEd; Department of Anesthesiology




 Exploring Open Textbooks at Vanderbilt

  • David Weintraub (PD); Department of Astronomy







Awards for 2014-2015

Our America Digital Learning Lab

  • Ifeoma Nwankwo (PD);  English, also affiliated to other departments in A&S and Peabody

Building Modular Courses in Global Health Informatics 

  • Stephany Duda (PD) and Cindy Gadd; Biomedical Informatics
  • Douglas Heimburger and Marie Martin; Vanderbilt Institute for Global Health
  • Marie Griffin; Public Health Program

Deploying Collaborative Technology to Expand and Enhance Learning

  • Nunzia Guise; Biomedical Informatics and Eskind Biomedical Library
  • Rachel Walden (PD); Eskind Biomedical Library

Midwifery Skills Through a New Lens

  • Julia Phillippi (PD), Margaret Buxton, Michelle Collins, Sharon Holley, Linda Hughlett, 

    Tonia Moore-Davis,  Jeremy Neil, and  Deanna Pilkenton;  Nursing