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VIDL Staff

Douglas H. Fisher, Director

Doug Fisher      Doug received his PhD in Information and Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine. Doug is an associate professor of Computer Science and of Computer Engineering. His research and teaching are in artificial intelligence, machine learning, computational models of creativity, and computing applications to environmental and societal sustainability.
        Doug has been using digital and online content for his on-campus courses for years. In 1998-99, with Vanderbilt funding, he and his graduate students developed a Web-based interface for the undergraduate course in artificial intelligence, including an auto-grader of programing assignments and exams, and other learning management infrastructure. During this time, he and his students launched one of the first Web-based interfaces for high-school science fairs, and very possibly the first interactive such site. While Doug was serving at the National Science Foundation from 2007 – 2010, he taught courses at Vanderbilt through video-conferencing and virtual world technology. Most recently, Doug has been using video and other online content of massive, open online courses (MOOCs) to supplement his courses on campus, and started a Wikibook on artificial intelligence and sustainability.
        Doug oversees the operation of VIDL and its growing responsibilities; represents Vanderbilt’s many digital learning activities to the public; and interfaces with Vanderbilt’s faculty, students, and staff on the value of digital learning for on-campus learning and research.

Aidan Hoyal, Assistant Director for Production and Instructional Design

Aidan Hoyal      Aidan brings extensive experience designing and using digital learning resources, serving as a cross-divisional/inter-organizational liaison, and leading change in multicultural academic, nonprofit and government settings.  Aidan comes to VIDL from Vanderbilt's School of Medicine where she was instrumental in the creation of video-based blended (hybrid) courses for Curriculum 2.0, as well as the development of a learning objects repository.  Aidan also led training sessions for faculty in the effective use of technology in teaching and learning.
       At VIDL, Aidan supports the design and creation of digital learning materials and activities for both on-campus and online learners. She has particular responsibilities for instructional design and preproduction, instructor orientation and training, advising on online degree and continuing education programs, preproduction quality assurance, and learning management systems.  Aidan also closely monitors ed-tech industry trends and emerging technologies as she experiments with innovative ways to use technology in higher education settings.  She hopes to share guidelines, standards, and best practices with the Vanderbilt community through VIDL. 

Gayathri Narasimham, Assistant Director for Education and Research

Gayathri Narasimham      Gayathri received her Ph.D. in psychology from Vanderbilt University. She has several years’ experience teaching courses in psychology at Peabody College of Vanderbilt University. Her research interests include exploring the viability of virtual reality technology in collaboration with cognitive scientists and engineers, young children’s flexible problem solving, and perceptual and conceptual development. She brings her teaching and research experience to identify areas of research interest in digital learning, and explore the potential impact of Vanderbilt’s online courses.
      Gayathri oversees data management (capture, annotation, analysis, security, provenance, release, tracking) from Vanderbilt’s massive, open, online courses (MOOCs) offered through COURSERA; consults on IRB assistance for Vanderbilt researchers interested in digital learning; tracks, synthesizes, and reports on University-wide scholarship in digital learning; coordinates support for relevant digital learning proposals by faculty; and participates with other VIDL staff on a number of other programs, such as the VIDL graduate fellows program.

Michael Martin, Assistant Director for Production

Michael Martin      Mike comes to VIDL from the The Martha Rivers Ingram Commons, where he was project manager for the Digital Commons, the online hub for The Commons. Mike has managed special projects, very notably the implementation of Vanderbilt’s presence on COURSERA and production of VU’s massive, open, online courses (MOOCs) to date.
       Mike’s enthusiasm for Vanderbilt’s MOOCs, and digital learning environments generally, goes beyond the technical infrastructure, to the content of many of these courses, as well as epistemological, ethical, and cultural issues raised by digital learning generally.
       At VIDL, Mike oversees most of the technical production and revision of Vanderbilt’s COURSERA-hosted MOOCs, technical issues of storage and retrieval of video and other multimedia, development of efficient workflows for COURSERA courses, and overall technical scheduling on a variety of projects beyond COURSERA. Mike participates with other VIDL staff on a variety of projects, including coordination of learning management systems.

Ole Molvig, Assistant Director for Education and Research

Ole Molvig      Ole received his PhD in the History of Science from Princeton University.  He was an assistant professor of History at Yale University before joining the Vanderbilt faculty, where he is an assistant professor of History and an assistant director at VIDL.  Ole is also the curator of the Garland Historical Instruments Collection here at Vanderbilt.  His research and teaching are in the history of science and technology, especially the social and cultural interactions of the modern physical sciences and technology.
       Ole is very excited to bring his historical interests into the present day by helping to integrate innovative techniques and technologies into the practices of the university.  He will work closely with faculty, staff, and graduate students on the development of online and other digital research and educational opportunities.



Jeffrey Shoup, Production Manager

Jeff Shoup pic      Jeff creates multimedia and other technology and artistic solutions for online courses and other digital learning products. As VIDL’s senior videographer, Jeff’s work often involves shooting, editing, and aligning video and audio, but also includes graphics, web and mobile apps, and anything else that is dreamt up. He is on the front-line of technology developments and is a primary resource on this.
      Jeff collaborates with other VIDL staff in creating efficient workflows that lead to the highest quality output with the shortest amount of production time, and on integration of technologies to design and produce outstanding instructional interactions.
      Jeff comes to VIDL from the Student Life Center, where he has been involved in wide-ranging multimedia activities for the university, including production of Vanderbilt’s COURSERA offerings to date. 

Lynne Perler, Administrative Assistant

Jeff Shoup pic      Lynne has worked at Vanderbilt since 2002, bringing valuable administrative experience to VIDL.  She has familiarity with both the Medical Center and University Central, having been a part of the start-up of several entities.
     Prior to coming to Vanderbilt, Lynne was a Manager and Administrator for more than 25 years with experience in the not-for-profit and for profit sectors. Lynne has a proven record of accomplishments in improving public relations, organizational efficiency and human relations. She has excellent attention to detail and a broad‑based ability to communicate at all social levels.
     She earned her BA from Louisiana State University-Shreveport and her Masters (MLAS) from Vanderbilt.
     Providing the clerical and Administrative needs for VIDL, Lynne is excited to delve into the more advanced technological aspects of instruction and pedagogy.