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Faculty Advisory Council

The Advisory Council for VIDL meets regularly and also communicates via wiki and other asynchronous means, to discuss important issues in digitally-enhanced learning, such as data collection, curation, and dissemination policies; criteria for vetting of faculty innovation proposals; and vision on the rapidly changing landscape of digital learning, ranging from research opportunities, educational practice, and business models. The AC embraces the cognitive diversity in its members to imagine new possibilities and to vet them relative to their longer-term consequences.

Committee members are drawn from all schools of the University. The members of the 2013-2014 AC are:

  • Ed Cheng  (School of Law)
  • Corbette Doyle (Peabody School of Education)
  • Luke Froeb (Owen School of Management)
  • Jeff Gordon (School of Nursing)
  • Kevin Johnson (School of Medicine)
  • David Michelson (School of Divinity)
  • Kelly Murray (School of Law)
  • Marianne Ploger (Blair School of Music)
  • Doug Schmidt (School of Engineering)
  • Virginia Scott (School of Arts & Science)
  • Pratim Sengupta (Peabody School of Education)
  • Anderson Spickard III (School of Medicine)
  • Keivan Stassun (School of Arts & Science)
  • Myrna Wooders (School of Arts & Science)

Ex Officio members are:

  • Clifford Anderson (Director of Scholarly Communications, Jean and Alexander Heard Library)
  • Derek Bruff (Director of the Vanderbilt Center for Teaching)
  • Cynthia Cyrus (Vice Provost of Learning and Residential Affairs)
  • Rangaraj Ramanujam (Chair, Faculty Senate Online Education Task Force)
  • Ruth Schemmer (Assistant Dean, The Graduate School)